Maps and Globes:
Maps- world map, USA map, maps of the continents
Map Challenge- read directions and find the right path to take on a map
Geography site - games, virtual field trips and more
Hemishpere - images of the 4 hemispheres
Earth's Hemisphere - tutorial of the Earth's hemisphere
Learning about hemispheres - animation of the Northen Hemisphere
World Sunlight Map- real time map of dawn, daylight, and dusk of the Earth
Earth Games- educational games about Earth features

PBS kids- activities for economy

Native Americans:
Cheyenne Tribe:
Life style and traditions
Cheyenne History
Cheyenne People

Kwakiutl Tribe:

Navajo Tribe:

United States:
Fact Monster- tons of facts about the USA
Learning from the Web- website that has students search the Internet for answers to questions about the USA
Worksheet - this goes with the website above

Flag Facts:
History of the Flag: This shows how the flag went from 13 stars to 50 stars.
Flag Rules and Regulations huge site with many rules and regulations and animated visual on how to fold a flag.
Rules for flying a Flag Tells the what to do and what not to do when flying a flag.
Flag Facts worksheet about flag facts in pdf format
Colors of the Flag tells what each color means that appear on the flag.
Flag Day the history behind this day.

President Facts:
White House:
website for kids about the White House
Secrets about our Presidents has some cool top secret information about each president
Presidential Facts - facts about being president and facts about some of our presidents

Symbols of the USA:
A to Z symbols many symbols and links about the USA.
USA Symbols has several symbols of the USA with information about each one
More USA Symbols has a more extensive list of USA symbols
Patriotic Symbols has symbols and more facts the USA

Sample Vokis for End of the Year Review: Create a voki and record a short message about something you learned this year.