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Directory of Math websites:
Math Websites
On-Line Math activities
Elementary Interactive sites
Virtual Manipulatives

Interactive Quizzes - The site has interactive quizzes for grades 3-5, & 8 in Math
Coolmath4kids math website with tutorials for different math skills
Links Learning - Illustrated lessons on length, place value, symmetry, patterns, weight, capacity, and tangrams
Interwrite Learning - Professional resources, lessons and activities
Interactive Whiteboard - Huge site with math skills - check out all 3 levels (Foundations, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2)
White Board Resources- tons of activities for different skills

Interactive Websites:
Internet 4 Classrooms - Huge site with tutorials, lessons, interactive activities for grades K-12 and for any subject
Internet 4 Classrooms - Links (K-12 Teachers):skill building, differentiated instruction, integrating technology and more!
Global Classrooms - Created by Patti Weeg it has tons of things for teachers and students
FunBrain - activities for math and other content areas
ClassBrain - angles, coordinates, regrouping, place value, drills, multiplication, addition, subtraction, and suduko puzzles
Fact Monster - flashcards, mulitplication, fractions, measurements, money and more
Fact Monster- baseball geometry, cowboy math, big count bayou, and fraction cafe
Math skills- addition, decimals, division, mulitplication, fraction, mental math, patterns, problem solving, subtraction, and several other skills
More Math skills- shapes, measure, angles, grids, transformations
Math Magician - website that has math practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and spiral reviews with all 4 operations

place value
place value blocks
place value games
using place value blocks interactive
identify place value: standard and word form
Catch Ten - help the bear make a ten's rod
Place value counter - start the counter and watch the number grow
Links Learning - lessons with practice
Place Value Practice - Houghton Mifflin Website - lots of practice
What's Your Name? - write the numbers in word and expanded form
interactive number games
basic addition facts game
higher addition facts (like TV's Millionaire)
set of numbers - figure which numbers are the addends and sum
baseball addition game
Addition game - from fact monster
Crack the Code Addition- addition skills can crack the code
subtraction with regrouping (like TV's Millionaire)
single digit subtraction
subtraction machine
interactive subtraction games
compare/order numbers
comparing numbers - <,>,=
comparing numbers - index of different games
More than marsh - click on the number that is more than previous
Less than maze- click on the number that is less than previous
Compare Numbers Game - <,>,= with different levels
Extra Practice - Houghton Mifflin website - lots of practice
Practice - Houghton Mifflin website

Just In Time - huge site that has interactive lesson and more!
Stop the Clock - hit the button to match the correct time

Inches, Centimeters, Yards

Capacity - Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons
Links for Learning- tutorial (weight and capacity)
Capacity Lesson- visual aids and practice questions
Elem. Test Prep- lesson about capacity
Elem. Test Practice- practice questions to identify correct measure
Conversion Practice- convert liquids using c, pt, qt, & gal
Which holds the Most? - click on the container that holds the most
Can you fill it?- fill the containers without spilling any liquid

Capacity - Milliliters & Liters
Conversion Practice - ml & l
Interpreting Data -COOL! -gathering data, bar graphs, and pictographs
Kids' Zone - Create different types of graphs
Graphing Practice - Houghton Mifflin website - lots of practice
Bugs Bar graph - drag the bugs into the graph to create a bar graph
how multiplication works -
multiplication games
more multiplication games
multiplication fact sites
multiplication facts quiz
tips and strategies for teachers
online lessons for learning the times tables
multiplication matching - matching factors to the correct product
Simple division - three levels of practicing division sites
Division website - AAA math site with tons of division skills
Division practice - timed practice with divisors 1-10
Long Division Lesson - from
Snork's Long Division - interactive game that teaches long division
Website with different fraction skill activities
2D and 3D shapes:
Basic Geometry Facts - shapes with definitions
Shapes - Pattern blocks and definitions of shapes
2D and 3D shapes - definition and examples
Identify Polygons - defintions and a game
Polygons - just a game answering questions about polygons

Area- definition and examples

Adam Ant - tutorial and practice with perimeter
Perimeter- definition and examples
Perimeter on a grid - quick tutorial

Baseball Geometry- identify, measure, and label angles
Types of Triangles- identify the different types of triangles

Lines, Rays, and Segments:
Basic Terms- math terms and definitions
links for symmetry activities/tutorials
Interactive Whiteboard - Very cool symmetry lesson!!!
How many lines of symmetry?
Links Learning - lessons with practice
flips, slides, turns
Definitions with examples
Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns game
Robo Packer- flip, slide, and rotate figures to fit in a shape
Basketball Moves- translations, rotations, reflections
Certain or Impossible - definition and examples
Certain or Impossible - practice
Spinner- virtual spinner - records spins & can change up spinner
Probability Practice - Houghton Mifflin Website- lots of practice
Probability Gumballs- choose between impossible, likely, unlikely, or certain
Word Problems